A soundscape, for a more ambient experience.

Contemplative landscapes

Their beauty is idiosyncratic, meaning it reveals the uniqueness of their territory, their holistic and fundamental identity. Spatially diffused sensations emanate from landscapes, and offers a peaceful alternative to the sometimes frantic rhythms of our contemporary reality.

Landscapes affect us just below the level of consciousness and harmonize the being and its environment. They can of course be visual, but also acoustic, olfactory, imaginary, metaphysical, poetic, existential …

Our services

Atmospheric content

Paysage offers moods of reflecting calm in harmony with the environment and the well-being of its occupants. Our specialization in field recording allows us to capture a sensory landscape reflecting the atmosphere of a space, whether natural, architectural, interior, or otherwise.

Mood design

An atmosphere does not seek to impose itself or to camouflage the environment that welcomes it; it is harmonized with it by enhancing its attractions, highlighting its uniqueness.

Our mood-regulated, holistic atmospheres serve the well-being of all and are suitable for public or natural spaces, indoor or outdoor, on the premises of well-being or lifestyle companies, and even digital space creators.

Cultural mediation

Workshops to raise awareness of the environments that surround us and their influence on our perspective. Using audiovisual tools, participants collect and discover the different sensory elements that make up the landscape of a significant place.

Workshops can consist of one or more sessions. A collective creation made up of the captured material, testimonies and parallel creations can also result from the process.


  • Projet Le Tour


    Series of 10 audioguides & 8 videos, 2018-2019.

    Led by the GUEPE team of educators-naturalists, the Le Tour Project is made up of a series of audio guides for interpretive hikes in Montreal’s nature parks and informative videos on various environmental issues that affect the ecosystems surrounding our city.

    The audio guides are also available on the Société Radio-Canada’s Mon été culturel à Montréal website.

  • Les Madelinéennes


    Public sound installation, 2021

    Les Madelinéennes is a public sound work that will be presented at the Parc des Madelinots in Verdun.

    A soundscape previously recorded in the Magdalen Islands will flow from a loudspeaker system supported by a permanent infrastructure created by Pelouse and Rousseau-Lefebvre.
    This peaceful and discreet soundscape will inhabit the park every day in 35-minute intervals. This contemplative soundscape evokes the atmosphere of the Magdalen Island’s coastline, alluding to the omnipresence of Madelinot culture in Verdun.

  • lien-lieu


    Videopoem, 2020

    Three artists spent two days in a natural space in a spirit of contemplative co-creation.

    Daniel Robinson (video), Robert Cécile (writing) and Charles Montambault (audio) open an interdisciplinary trialogue where the sharing of ideas and the pooling of artistic material continues until the final form. The holistic aim of lien-lieu is the unison of three attempts to reveal the same phenomenon, to compose the same poem.

  • The New Monuments


    Multi-screen installation, 2017

    The New Monuments offers a sensitive experience of the former Turcot interchange.

    A sequence of moving tableaux depicts the brutalist motorway space and lets the viewer contemplate this dystopian landscape, whose singular poetry and comfort are revealed throughout this immersive experience.

    Produced in collaboration with the Laboratoire des Récits du Soi Mobile.


Our creative process favours ambient media and their calming effects. By actively contemplating different places and territories and documenting our observations through audiovisual captation, we have been able to translate the atmospheric identity and expose the immersive force of various spaces to our audience.

Through our projects, we want to guide attentional reconditioning within our natural, rural, urban and virtual environments in order to reduce the digital over-solicitation and over-stimulation that are omnipresent on a daily basis. Whether through atmospheric content creation, mood design or cultural mediation workshops, our approach allows companies promoting serenity and harmonious connection with their environment to offer contemplative experiences to their customers.

Charles Montambault

Sound artist Charles Montambault is mainly interested in the practice of field recording. His work makes us meditate on the emotional, sensitive, pragmatic and aesthetic relationships we develop with our environment.

A teacher by training, he applies pedagogical skills in his practice as a cultural mediator with communities.

Daniel Robinson

Daniel Robinson has been producing and directing ambient videos independently since 2016. His visual compositions give viewers the freedom to determine the degree of attention they give to it while providing a calm and reflective atmosphere.

His distinguished research thesis (UdeM, 2016) focused on the manifestations of the invisible in Gothic fiction of the American South and on the retroactive influence of the collective unconscious on material reality (the psychosphere).

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